Le Vague Bleu


I had thought my only travel companion on this trip would be David, but I now find out we were joined, without a by your leave, by El NiƱo. It is he who has imposed his disagreeable countenance upon us, with his heavy cloud, his winds and rain. But we have managed to ignore him and shake him off like the obnoxious bore at a dinner party – in part by running away to Tahiti! Continue reading

Island Life

May be I’m naive, maybe I didn’t do enough research, may be I’m just romantically hopeful, but I really believed that on a South Pacific island I would find sparkling white sand and turquoise sea. Well, I’ve been here for over a week now and despite a thorough search I have not found my idyll. Sure, there are beaches and Continue reading

Mountain Prayers


Knock, knock, knock. The bare knuckles of Robin our guide rap on the thin wooden door of our hut. It’s 5.30 in the morning and I am already awake, still in bed and watching the sky through the flimsy curtains pinken and blush as it gets ready to embrace the sun. From the toasty warmth of my sleeping bag I gingerly extricate an arm to test the temperature … it is icy cold. Continue reading

Indigestible India

I feel sore, full and tired. It’s like heart burn throughout my whole system. I have over eaten at the buffet of India! So much stimulation from the incessant noise, the volume of people and pollution. All my senses, my personal space, my dignity, my tolerance, my values have been challenged day after day. Sometimes these challenges lift me, I feel expanded and content. At other times I feel beaten and bruised and weary at the thought of having to step back in to the ring. Continue reading