Costa Rica in Pictures


Having crossed the border from Nicaragua at Los Chiles on January 2nd we bussed it to the town of La Fortuna which lies beneath Volcan Arenal.  The plan had been to hike, but the weather was against us – rain and low cloud which obliterated any view of the imposing volcano.  So, to the beach we went!  All the way across to the Pacific coast and the Nicoya Peninsula.  Here we hired a 4×4 and explored beach upon beach …..

Rocky ones, long wild ones, perfect white sand ones …. Continue reading

Secrets at Dawn

I am used to the piercing crow of haughty, splendidly plumed cockerels waking me from my sleep, but this morning, deep in the jungle of the Reserva Biológica Indio-Maiz, it was the the throaty bark of howler monkeys that cut through the thick silence of the early dawn. Continue reading

Back to School


Eight o’clock in the morning and the sun is already high in the sky and the heat is intense. Walking hurriedly along the few blocks to our destination with the weight of our backpacks on, results in rivulets sweat and squinting eyes. It’s our first day at Spanish school in Granda (Nicaragua) and we are late. Continue reading

If You Go Down to the Woods Today ……


If a smell could be a colour then I would have been breathing a vibrant spring-like green. The fragrance was piney-resin with an underlayer of warm damp soil following the rain shower the night before. It was sparkling clean and fresh, a soothing balm for my lungs. This was just part of the experience as we hiked through the Sequoia National Park which lies in the southern Sierra Nevada range in California. Continue reading