The Amoeba is No Amigo

February 2016. Playa Larga РCuba
The spartan consulting room has rather grubby walls sporting posters about how to wash your hands, the symptoms of Zika and a skeleton with the bones labelled in Spanish. I sit in a plastic chair opposite the doctor and my eyes are drawn to the wall behind him where the unprotected elements of the old air conditioning unit are covered in sticky looking grey dust. I feel small and despondent Continue reading

Viva Havana

I have been grabbed by the hand, twirled around and kissed full on the lips. Havana may be old but she is full of brazen charm and exquisite beauty. I am enthralled, enchanted, intrigued.

Havana, and Cuba as a whole, has a unique personality born from a tangle of influences ranging from her period as a Spanish colony, to African slavery, to her complex relationship with America and a chequered political past … and present. It’s a fascinating and at times overwhelming story and like all good tales I find myself being drawn further in to its spell. Continue reading