Barichara to Guane

Barichara is a beautiful Spanish colonial town located high above the Río Suárez in the region of Santander in northern Colombia.  It’s quiet cobbled streets, white washed walls and red clay roof tiles make it naturally photogenic and the perfect place to wander with a camera.



The beautiful ochre coloured sandstone cathedral which dominates the main plaza


From Barichara we walked along the old Camino Real to the smaller but equally beautiful village of Guane.  This 9km section of the road is part of the old ‘Camino de Herradura’ that crossed the countryside from Girón to Barrancabermeja.  It was laid originally by the indigenous people of Guane and has been rebuilt continuously over the years.  It was last restored in 1864 by a German named George Von Lenguerke and was declared a national monument in 1988.


It was a glorious walk passing cacti and flowers, herds of goat, clucking chickens, men and women bent double as they harvested potaotes and far ranging views across the valley.


The church of Santa Lucia, in Guane, built in 1720


The highlight for me was this beautiful cemetery



Such a great position

The inscription written in the stone book is:

Admira la belleza de la tierra, y piensa en la del cielo

Admire the beauty of the earth and think of those in the sky



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