As It Is, So It Is

The silence in the hall is almost palpable. I breathe in and breathe out imagining my breath is a soothing balm easing my tiredness and frayed nerves. The physicality of the ground and the meditation stool beneath me are reassuringly supportive as too is the silence which acts as a comfortable, comforting cushion of air I can lean in to. Thirty other souls are here too, sitting, breathing, being. Nothing to do and nowhere to go, just sharing a silent space. Continue reading

Gifts at Christmas

I have often worked on Christmas Day in hospital or the hospice when I was nursing. It was an active choice to be there on a day which offered something different to the usual routine. Generally it would be quieter on the wards, less staff, less busyness and doing and more joy, more banter, more laughter. Patients would have family visiting and there would be a party atmosphere. I liked the intention of us working around the patients rather than expecting them to work around the routine Continue reading